The second meeting of SAMi2 project that was hosted by Hi-Iberia in Madrid the last 16th of September was pretty similar to the Kick-Off meeting. Due to the exit from the project of CSSC and the incorporation of Middlesex University (United Kingdom) as new legal and ethical partner, great part of the activities carried out in the Kick-Off had to be repeated with the aim of guiding Middlesex which was not present at the beginning of the project.

Hi-Iberia opened the meeting and as project leader, it reviewed its main objectives. After that, based on the actual state of the art of the technologies, a first capture of the user requirements (Madrid City Council police) and the definition of the use cases that will be developed and tested by the users in the future, was carried out.

Due to the importance of topics such as Intellectual Property Rights and royalties, members of Middlesex also included a set of ethical and legal requirements that SAMi2 will have to take into account when implementing the technical requirements.

To finish the meeting, a review of the action points to be carried out in the next 6 months with the aim of ensuring the feasibility of the requirements specified in the meeting and starting with the first phases of the design took place.