SAMi2 aims to prevent and fight against Internet crime through the use of the public information available into Online Social Networks, as Twitter, Facebook and others. Due to the great variety of these sources of information, semantic technologies able to analyze data in a uniform fashion are required in order to obtain the relevant information and take the adequate actions.

Possible application scenarios of SAMi2 are: illegal content detection (attacks against fundamental rights), crime prevention (attacks to people or infrastructures) or the forensic uses.

Online Social Networks constitute a vast information ocean which is used by individuals as an extension of their physical life. Their ease of use, immediateness and global reach have made them the information channel of choice for many individuals, both for personal reasons or to reach out and communicate with a larger audience.

SAMi2’s rationale lies on leveraging this data for safety purposes, in order to prevent and detect illegal content or activities and, consequently, to plan adequate response actions. In order to be more effective and less time consuming, the system should be able to offer analysis and correlation of heterogeneous streams of data from freely accessible Internet content (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, other fora). The great variety and complexity of these sources of information dictates the use of technologies able to scan and analyze data in a uniform fashion looking for relevant information. Scenarios of use include:

  • Illegal content detection

Internet is used by large number of groups for disseminating content which is offensive to individuals, minorities or attacks fundamental rights of people. SAMi2 will specifically address the early detection of this content in an automated way so that security forces and act and enforce the disposal of this content according to national/international laws.

  • Crime prevention

People committing illegal acts or planning often communicate, coordinate or ask for advice over OSNs, so that useful information on possible critical scenarios might be exchanged in Facebook or Twitter but also underground fora and discussion chats. Such data, if effectively and timely collected and analyzed, could be of extreme importance, in order to increase situational awareness of police command and control centres and prevent illegal and crime activities.

  • Forensic Uses

Gathered information can be stored and its integrity ensured in case it is needed in court actions.