SAMi2 at PSCE-Oxford 2015

Last 8th, 9th and 10th of December, Hi-Iberia was present at the 2nd conference of 2015 that was held by the Public Safety Communication Europe forum (PSCE) hosted by Cyber Security Oxford at the University of Oxford. Almost 100 delegates attended across the 3 days, representing public safety stakeholders, ministries, network operators, technology developers and research organizations covering 16 European countries in total.

The event started on 8th of December with a H2020 meeting that was followed by two conference days whose theme revolved around the current challenges that face the world of emergency and security management from the point of view of mobile communications and social networks.

Hi-Iberia was one of the most active participants in this event. With the aim of making known SAMi2, in addition to other products in the security field, Hi-Iberia participated in the conferences of 9th and 10th of December, presented several posters, among which SAMi2 excelled; and installed an stand where attendants were able to know in a closer way the functioning of SAMi2.

In fact, SAMi2 was one of the tools that arouse most interest. Both, during the presentation in the Conference by Raúl Santos, Project Coordinator, and during the later round table and the stand, lot of people had interest in knowing more about this tool and the advantages that it offers against the current state of the art in the management of security through Online Social Networks.

The participation of Hi-Iberia in this event was a positive character thus, in addition to the success of SAMi2, some ideas and contacts were achieved with possible future potential clients of SAMi2.