SAMi2 Consortium meeting related to the first year of the Project and workshop with Spanish security forces.

Last 12th and 13th of February 2015 the M12 meeting of SAMi2 Project took place at HI-Iberia premises. During the first day, in which representatives from the Madrid City Council Police Department and Middlesex University attended, the evolution of the project during the first year and the possible plans for the second and last year of the project were exposed.

Along the working day, the topics addressed were related to project administration and management; use cases and scope focalization; architecture envisaged and designed for the SAMi2 tool; first outputs from OSN obtained from the initial tests of the available development; possible scenarios for the SAMi2 trials and different dissemination events among others. All the sessions were supported by the active participation of the end users (Madrid City Council Police), the ethical and legal issues part (Middlesex University) and the coordinators and technical part of the project (HI-Iberia).


The objective of the second day of the meeting was to present SAMi2 project to other national security forces as a dissemination activity and also as a different way to obtain new ideas and interests from other security forces for the SAMi2 tool. In consequence, apart from the consortium partners (Madrid City Council Police Department, Middlesex University and HI-Iberia), Guardia Civil representatives attended the meeting. Along the sessions, the partners showed the objectives, current status and intentions of the SAMi2 project in order to obtain new requirements and possible scenarios of actuation of the tool as well as the initial impression of people who is not involved inside the project.

During next meetings, the representatives from the Guardia Civil will be involved and also representatives from other security forces with the objective of evaluate the project evolution, disseminate it and also obtain new ideas to achieve a complete tool that monitors dangerous situations through OSN. In general, during the meeting the results obtained were satisfactory for the good progress of the project.